Who we are

‘Unit44 was born of three very complimentary overlapping professional business backgrounds colliding via mutual appreciation of contemporary printmaking, street murals and paintings.’

Danny, Unit44 Curator

The space lends itself perfectly to the Contemporary Street Art movement in which it has come to feature on an international stage. The industrial back drop has given the Gallery space a unique identity standing apart from the traditional ‘white wall’ gallery – after all this movement was born upon the raw brick of

the street.The industrial nature of the space also allows international artists to become short term ‘residents’ creating a fully working studio with the ability to house and prepare over sized works, installations, and shows. By inviting such artists to become residents and take part in our White Walls Project. Unit44 are proud to have

worked with artists such as Roa of Belgium, C215 of Paris, Philip Lumbang of Los Angeles, Stormie Mills of Perth, Pixel Pancho of Italy, Handiedan of Amsterdam, along with a whole host of talent from the United Kingdom including Remi Rough, Prefab77, Hush, and Eelus. They now refer to them as family & friends.